Alva Hydraulic Self Closing Patch Set 750 – 1000mm Wide


Hydraulic Self-closing Patch Fitting Standard Duty for doors 750 – 1000mm wide Includes PT20 Top Patch and Top Pivot. A floor recess is not required in contrast to conventional floor-mounted door closers. It is assembled by simply screwing the base plate onto the existing surface dramatically reducing installation time. This self closing patch fitting has been tested to European standards for long durability and excellent functionality in accordance with DIN EN 1154. Glass thickness 8-12mm, maximum door weight 100kg, adjustable zero position and closing speed. Installation Guide

  • For averagely frequented buildings
  • Tested by the German ift Rosenheim testing authority with 500,000 cycles as per DIN EN 1154
  • Continuously adjustable closing speed and latching mechanism 170° – 15° / 15° – 0°
  • Can be used with stopper
  • Suitable for indoor and roofed outdoor areas
  • Door width 750 – 1000 mm
  • max. door height 2590 mm
  • adjustable zero position ±3°
  • Glass thickness tempered glass 8 -12 mm
  • ambient temperature -20° – +50°C
  • Corrosion resistance 3
  • Size 184 x 70 mm
  • Black inserts for all surfaces
  • Please note: Do not use with laminated safety glass.

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